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Riverlife Highlife UNI ONE CELL COMMUNITY's Journal
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Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in Riverlife Highlife UNI ONE CELL COMMUNITY's LiveJournal:

Sunday, April 29th, 2007
10:41 pm
A guide to joining UNIONECELL community
Due to feedback i've received from some of you.. Well, you guys don't really know how to join huh >_<

Ok first things first, if you DON'T HAVE a Livejournal account, registering is really easy :) Just head over to the main page (www.livejournal.com) and sign up from there. You'll be able to see the link to sign up de. If you can't, please tell me and i will make a screenshot tutorial for you lol.

After you get your account (CONGRATULATIONS!), return to the community page (http://community.livejournal.com/unionecell) and then on the top you will see a toolbar. There will be options for you to join the community. Click on the appropriate option, and then just confirm it :) I will get back to you asap.

Hope this helped! if not please let me know what i can do to make this easier for you girls >_<


Current Mood: amused
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
8:51 pm
Hi girls, this community was set up for ease of communication of any news/prayer requests/outing details/etc from all of us TO the rest of us.

If that made sense, then wow. Haha. It didn't quite make sense to me :P ANYWAY, please girls, use this community okay? So that we don't get flooded at our inboxes with forwards and 'reply all' emails, but instead get to see what is relevant and can respond accordingly.

Yay us! So hurry, join LJ and then we can start! XD

-A (for Amelia)

Current Mood: amused
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